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Made with a vegetable base of legumes and cereals

Handmade and completely plant-based!

The secret is science: a fermented vegetable base of legumes and cereals, created thanks to an exclusive and patented technology that is able to give new life to legumes as well as greater digestibility, as it removes the anti-nutritional factors typical of legumes, responsible for disorders such as bloating and heaviness.

From the vegetable base comes IUPPI, the inclusive ice cream, gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, egg-free, soy-free, naturally good and rich in taste.

What's in IUPPI's vegan ice cream?

A complete protein product due to its high biological value similar to milk and the presence of all nine essential amino acids.
Live lactic ferments, for a healthy ice cream with a precious nutritional value.

The founders Domenico Centrone and Vito Emanuele Carofiglio, in collaboration with the University of Bari and, in particular, with the team of Professor Carlo Giuseppe Rizzello, now Professor of Food Microbiology at the Sapienza University in Rome, have developed a technology that is destined to change the rules of healthy nutrition in an inclusive sense.

Celery has patented an innovative process of fermentation of vegetable matrices, able to give life to a fermented beverage, with organic labelling, gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free and soy-free, sugar and fat free. Liquid, powdered, creamy: it is suitable for several formats and various declinations. Because true innovation also lies in flexibility and market applications.

For truly inclusive foods, which at the same time manage to respond to environmental issues: choosing a less impactful diet in terms of Co2 emissions is truly urgent for the future of our planet.
Hence the idea of experimenting with vegetables as the basis for new nutritional products, preserving taste, texture and nutritional values, but completely eliminating animal proteins.

Advanced nutritional and health solutions for healthy, happy and long-lived

Starting from the fermentation process developed, Celery is working on a line of products both in the food and biomedical fields: absolutely innovative, they are destined to revolutionize the current qualitative and functional offer in the sector.
Fermented, functional and plant-based foods are the new frontier for nutrition: this solves the increasingly diffuse problem of allergies, intolerances and digestive system disorders.

Have we intrigued you?

Come and enjoy our ice cream!