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Nature makes it better

Plant-based food has considerably less impact on our planet than animal-based food.

Greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions required for food production are among the main contributors to the climate change we are witnessing. The United Nations (UN) itself calls for combating climate change by starting at the table.

The environmental impact of a food product depends on a combination of several factors, such as the type of production, its distribution and its packaging.
Through a conscious diet, we can contribute to the preservation of the planet, with products that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Comparison of animal-based production with plant-based production

Reference: Oxford University

To obtain 100 grams of protein from beef, up to 105 kg of CO2 eq are emitted and 370 square metres of land are used.

To reach the same amount of protein, but with legumes, only 0.3 kg of CO2 eq is produced (including the processing, packaging and transport cycle) and only 1 square metre of land is used.

Less energy used

In the production process than the regular product

Less water used

In the production process than the regular product

Less CO2 generated

In the production process than the regular product

The sustainable production designed and patented by IUPPI allows to obtain a totally plant-based ice cream with only vegetable proteins starting from legumes and cereals, totally eliminating the use of animal-based ingredients, reducing the impact on the environment.

Sustainable packaging!

IUPPI has chosen to preserve nature, also thanks to the use of a packaging made of paper, cardboard and bioplastics entirely biodegradable and compostable, with low environmental impact.

IUPPI is for the curious, for those who want to learn about new foods and ingredients. For those who want to embrace a new lifestyle, more functional food, healthier and more sustainable.

Iuppi per Tutti is certified:


For more than 20 years VEGAN OK has been helping consumers all over the world to identify and choose entirely plant-based products, becoming over time a point of reference for anyone who has adopted, or is approaching, a sustainable lifestyle, ethical and healthy. Much more than a normal certification, it is the first and only Ethical guarantee mark for Vegan products.

AILI - Associazione Italiana Latto Intolleranti

The first and only Italian Association for the protection of lactose intolerant, with the aim of working and studying every day to raise awareness and spread the knowledge of the "lactose free" world, in order to allow intolerant people to live their own lives in a serene and conscious way, without the need to feel "different". IUPPI PER TUTTI adheres to the "Lactose Free Out of Home" project which is synonymous with safety and quality in the lactose-free catering sector. It is a project that brings the guarantee of a lactose-free dish outside the home thanks to the use of an APP, the first and only application, free, in which to find all the places participating in the #slfc project.

AIC - Associazione Italiana Celiachia

Reference point for celiac patients and their families, the Italian Celiac Association, changes the lives of celiac people for the better, takes care of projects aimed at improving the patient's daily life, initiatives and communication tools aimed at informing and raising awareness the public, the media and the medical profession directly responds to the needs of celiacs in the area thanks to its 20 associated AICs, supports the best scientific research through the Celiac Foundation, manages the “Spiga Barrata” brand, the maximum guarantee of safety and suitability for people celiac disease, through its social enterprise “Spiga Barrata” Service. “Spiga Barrata” brand is the symbol of AIC that guides celiac people on the label in choosing safe packaged food products suitable for the specific needs of a gluten-free diet: it allows immediate recognition of gluten-free products within the offer of the market and above all communicates the security guarantees ensured by AIC checks. With the “Spiga Barrata” brand, AIC enters food companies and directly inspects plants and production processes through annual audits.

#SLFC - Senza Lattosio Fuori Casa

IUPPI has chosen to professionally train its collaborators on the topic of lactose intolerance and on lactose-free products available on the market today. The course represents an added value for Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering) activities and a guarantee for the lactose-intolerant customers, who are looking for safety and reliability for a lactose-free meal out of home.

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