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Enter the IUPPI world

Ice cream in Polignano a Mare? IT'S IUPPI!

Ours is a colourful world of natural goodness, also told through the spaces.

A place where ice cream becomes a symbol of circularity in a design characterized by soft, rounded lines, a synthesis of style and contamination, of pleasure and inclusiveness.

Design and colours become an expression and a search for joy, all to be shared. Shapes and colours capable of taking anyone to another dimension: children or adults don’t matter. What matters is the desire to play a little more. Orange, pink and lobster conquer eyes and hearts and, together with yellow, turquoise and green create a universe made of colours, freshness and naturalness.

Pop, wow!

At IUPPI the courage to dare wins: the strength of the colours meets the creativity of the furnishings and leaves room for fun.

Arches, neon, waves, bright lettering and selfie stations, reminding us that true joy is meant for those who can still play, and that it multiplies when shared.

Pure colours, unique goodness and natural pleasure. Here, where healthy rhymes with good.

Do you want to taste IUPPI?

You can enjoy our ice cream in Polignano a Mare (BA), at Via Martiri di Dogali No. 62.

Would you like to ask us about the IUPPI world?

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